About us

MAD about Waste is a not-for-profit community group, based in Chippenham (Wiltshire). We work in close partnership with Zero Chippenham.

We’re run by three volunteer Directors:

Sue Cassell. Sue is a research project manager with a keen interest in waste reduction and sustainable living. Her most recent project assignment has been the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2020 – 2030 for UK Research & Innovation.

Helen Franks. Helen is Partnership and Business Development Manager for Good Energy Ltd. Previously Helen was the Corporate Partnership Manager at the Trussell Trust the UK’s leading foodbank network. She has expertise in charity and corporate collaboration and the redistribution of food to those who are in need.

Charlie Parry. Charlie is part of the senior leadership team at Good Energy Ltd, a 100% renewable energy supply company, working across a wide range of sustainable proejcts. He is a chartered accountant, Tesla driver and owner of improving sustainability credentials.

Some of MAD about Waste’s activities are supported by Wiltshire Council’s youth budget.